We provide our clients a full range
of pre-construction services



Expectations – with the client on the subjects of quality, time and budget.

Planning coordination – assistance in choosing project consultants, managing consultants, assessing project alternatives, quality control plan and promoting licensing processes.

Pre project implementation – guiding the consultants for assistance in bids and needed specifications, distribution of bids, receiving quotations and comparing their results.

Arrangement with the authorities – taking care of bureaucratic matters and the needed permissions for starting the project.



Approximating the budget definition – pre assessment for initial cost and wanted expectations.

Fit the project budget – according to the client needs and wants, by monitoring and following not to exceed the budget.

Building a cash flow – in accordance throughout the project.



Preparing a fix schedule:

Schedule for pre construction – for managing the planners and consultants.

Schedule for the overall building project – throughout concrete frame-work, plastering and flooring stages.

Schedule for finishing works – throughout finishing touches and ready for occupancy.

Laying out a fixed schedule with enable a professional and efficient management for all relevant partners during the process of the project:

Promising the standing abilities of all relevant personal for a fixed schedule till the ending of all plans and licenses needed.

Coordination between all personnel involved in the project and taking care of all the layers of the project in details.

Planning out the shortest time span for every step of the way, throughout a consideration of all limits (holidays, vacations, etc).

Stating a straight pathway and making sure it goes according to the plan, avoiding any obstacles on the way.

Planning the responsibilities of all the personal in the project, starting from the planner, to the project manager and up to the client itself.