We provide our clients a full range of services throughout the time of the construction



Choosing the right contractors, negotiating on contracts, signing at contracts and providing recommendations for clients.

Managing, assessing, following and controlling throughout the time of the project.

Strict supervision at the site including constant follow up reports to the client – choosing a certified site supervisior at all times at the building site, which is responsible on the workers, the buildup and coordination between all different professionals at site, making a weekly follow up in accordance with the client and the architect, creating a weekly follow ups in meeting and different fields when needed.

Arrangement with the authorities – taking care of bureaucratic matters and the needed permissions throughout the construction such as getting permission for safe room sealing, connections Infrastructures (electricity, water, cable), plans changes if needed, occupation, etc. 



Budget control – on bids, checking and approving accounts, meanwhile keeping an eye on the budgets regulation.

Innovative solutions for savings – Ornil has the latest technological abilities and innovative methods which have been proven to ensure the client cost savings (such as private import of raw materials, group buying, on-site masonry bridge saw ,glass shield paints, floating flooring ,etc).



Constant follow-up and control of the schedule and creating adjustment when needed.