Our company specialises in building management and supervision of luxury houses for the private sector, with high complexity and the highest quality, designed by Israel’s finest architects.
We are involved in each level of our projects, from the plot purchase, through choosing the right team of architects, consultants and contractors, its building management, budget and schedule management, strict supervision throughout the time of the project and its completion, in order to ensure the best results are achieved.


Building Management

Managing, assessing, guiding, following and controling throughout the time of the project. assistance in choosing the right consultants and contractors, managing them and promoting licensing processes.

Budget Management

Assessment for building costs, budget definition according to the clients needs and wants, budget control on bids, checking and approving every account while monitoring and following not to exceed the budget.

Schedule Management

Preparing a fixed schedule for the overall building project, its constant follow-up and control which enable a professional and efficient management for all relevant partners during the construction process.

Strict Supervision

One of our certified site supervisors will be at all times at the construction site, he will be responsible for the workers, the build up, the coordination between all different professionals at site and their safety.

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Our rich experience allows us to provide an exclusive innovative solutions that meets our clients needs.
Those solutions enable us to optimize the building processes, saving time and costs.



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